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ON-Q* Experience Testimonials
How the ON-Q* Pain Relief System Improves Patient Experience
From decreased length of stay to increased referrals, the benefits of using Avanos' ON-Q* Pain Relief System are making headlines and capturing the attention of facilities across the country. Anesthesiologist Dr. Brian Vaughan, who also serves as the Director of Acute Pain at the Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, saw a 20% annual compounded growth in total joint operations using ON-Q* at his facility due to word of mouth within the community.

Another way ON-Q* benefits both patients and facilities is by enabling earlier discharge, allowing patients to relax in the comfort of their own home and enabling hospitals to reduce length of stay. According to trauma surgeon Dr. Michael Truitt, he’s seen that patients are actually able to get sent home a day or two after rib fracture operations with the ON-Q* system.

A patient named Paul Olsen received an ON-Q* pain pump after his knee replacement surgery and offers an enthusiastic perspective on the benefits of using a local analgesic over opioids. Rather than dealing with side effects from opioids, Paul was able to begin rehabilitating right after his operation.

Dr. Michael Truitt

Trauma surgeon Dr. Michael Truitt describes how ON-Q* has benefitted his patients’ experience by decreasing length of stay.

Dr. Brian Vaughan

Anesthesiologist Dr. Brian Vaughan describes how ON-Q* has generated more business for his facility.

Dr. Pressley Swann

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Pressley Swann relays how he has used the ON-Q* pain management system to avoid prescribing addictive pain killers, plus a patient’s testimonial on using ON-Q* following total knee surgery.
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